Filmbutik Originals

TV and film productions

Filmbutik is also a production company for feature content

We have produced TV programmes and documentaries for Finnish TV channels and international distribution. Our productions have recognised with a Formaatti-Finlandia award, awards at several international film festivals and various Golden Venla nominations

Our productions cover a wide range of topics. Our team has worked, among other places, on a racetrack in South Africa, at an embassy in London, at a gaming fair in Paris, in caves in Thailand, at a Finnish baseball match in Fuengirola and, of course, on board a ferry to Tallinn.

Suomi koomikoiden silmin

Channel: Yle Areena + YLE TV2

In the programme, comedians travel around Finland, exploring Finnish culture and people, and discovering why Finns are, according to research, the happiest people in the world.

Maalla Merellä ja Lautasella

TV series
Channel: MTV3

Maalla, merellä ja lautasella is a food-themed adventure programme on the MTV3 channel, where two teams compete to see who is better and more inventive at cooking. Each team features a regular chef and a rotating celebrity guest.

Vaalitaisto 2.0

Documentary film 58 min
Channel: Yle Areena YLE TV1

Vaalitaisto 2.0 tells the story of the origins of Finland’s newest political party, Liike Nyt, in the spring of 2019. The film showcases contemporary Finland and Finnish democracy in a humane way.

Virittäjät / Test My Ride

TV format
Channel: MTV MAX, Sub, Elisa Viihde, Ignition (Africa), DM

Test my Ride is a car programme hosted by Formula 1 star Mika Salo and Tomi Tuominen, where car enthusiasts tune and build their cars to race them against former F1 driver Mika Salo.

Swing Game

Channel: YLE, ARTE

Swing Game tells the story of filmmakers who set out to make a documentary about the gaming industry and end up founding a video game company themselves. The documentary is about entrepreneurship and the gaming industry in Finland and around the world. Swing Game follows closely what it is like to start a video game company and try to conquer the gaming world without any previous experience in the field.


Documentary film
Channel: YLE TV1, YLE Areena

Sukeltaja is a documentary film about Mikko Paasi, who gathered a team of fellow divers to rescue 13 young Thai divers after they were trapped in a cave. In the summer of 2018, Paasi became an international hero in a matter of days and was awarded a knighthood by the King of Thailand.

Sannikan Supervuori

Documentary & series
Channel: YLE TV2, YLE Areena

Sannikan Supervuoro tells the story of Sannika Michelsson, a mother who, at the age of 40, decides to fulfil a promise she made to herself as a teenager.